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This World Is Not My Home - excerpt
File under: Power Electronics


This World Is Not My Home/Over Your Heads Forever (2LP)

Label: Fourth Dimension Records

Format: 2xLP

Genre: Noise



Reissue of these now o/p albums (originally released as CDs on Fourth Dimension Records in 2014 and 2016, respectively) as a limited edition 2LP set. A similar set collecting the Down But Defiant Yet and Acceptance Is Not Respect albums will follow later. Each album in this series will be featured in its entirety. 200 of each set will be made available for retail via direct orders and selected stockists. This is strictly limited and will not be repressed. The latest album from Gary Mundy (Ramleh), who has been using this moniker since the early '80s to further furrow the worlds of intense electronics, harrowing psychedelia and violent or claustrophobic atmospherics he is already known for. Less prolific than Ramleh, Kleistwahr began with several cassette releases on Gary's own much-revered Broken Flag imprint and has subsequently been afforded more releases by labels such as Noise War, Noiseville and Harbinger Sound. "This World Is Not My Home" collects seven pieces recorded between 2013 and 2014 of mostly instrumental sprawling guitar and electronic works.

Cat. number: FD2LP115
Year: 2020

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