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Acceptance Is Not Respect - excerpt


Acceptance Is Not Respect

Label: Fourth Dimension Records

Format: CD

Genre: Noise

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Ramleh's Gary Mundy has been rather prolific in recent years with his solo Kleistwahr project. As with his main concern, there's a deep-seated interest in pushing the parameters where certain sonics can fall into a seismic vortex of sheer overload yet remain tethered to a knowing sensibility where greater power can be derived from simply holding back. Since the incredible This World Is Not My Home album in 2014 Kleistwahr has embarked on a single-handed mission to not only take such possibilities as far as possible, but also reach inwards and rip out its core being in order to further attempt to make sense of its doubtlessly tarnished place in the universe. Although in and of itself often tempered to the point restraint assumes new, often disturbed (and disturbing) psychedelic or even filmic, properties, this music arrives like a spitting and foaming scream into the insanity of the void and the myriad challenges and questions it inexorably keeps hurling at us. Kleistwahr is akin to one man having scaled a great height poking out of an infinite chasm and wondering why he bothered.

Cat. number: FDCD110
Year: 2019

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