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Franck Vigroux, Reinhold Friedl


Label: La Muse en Circuit

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Reinhold Friedl, inside piano. Franck Vigroux, electronics. 'An encounter between two worlds. Reinhold Friedl and Franck Vigroux are two musicians, both addicted to a real contemporary approach, getting to the core of sound but by very different means. Reinhold Friedl with his purely acoustic instrument and his highly developed and refined inside-piano techniques meets Franck Vigroux with his electronics including all kind of devices from tape recorders to analog synthesizers. Their sole purpose is to meld these two opposite sound worlds. Tobel, an almost 40-minute composition premiered at NK Berlin and at Anis Gras le lieu de l'autre, Paris is the result of their first collaboration, which happened in 2013. La Muse en Circuit, National centre of musical creation  the studio founded by Luc Ferrari invited the duo to record Tobel in their studios in Paris.

Cat. number: ALM 005
Year: 2016