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Trudge Lightly - excerpt 1
Trudge Lightly - excerpt 2
Trudge Lightly - excerpt 3
Trudge Lightly - excerpt 4
File under: Contemporary

Pak Yan Lau, Darin Gray

Trudge Lightly (2x10")

Label: By The Bluest Of Seas

Format: 2x10"

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

**Deluxe gatefold sleeve with varnish effect including an 8 pages photo booklet.** "Pak Yan Lau, one of the most original pianists of the new European creative scene, has the ability to build complex formal architectures starting from minimal materials – insistent rhythms, barely hinted melodies, electronic effects as evocative as they are mysterious. Darin Gray uses his long experience as the backbone of many improvisational groups with a painstaking work on timbre and a deep and multiform sound, providing a solid support to extemporary creations that have the solidity of pondered compositions. The music of the duo develops on wide structural strings, elegantly combining the continuous surprise of free improvisation with the material suggestions of electroacoustic experimentation, in a game of references and narrative developments almost cinematic, which tell a fascinating sound world, strangely familiar yet constantly new and surprising." - Nicola Negri

File under: Contemporary
Cat. number: #2
Year: 2020

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