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Jim O'Rourke, Keiji Haino, Peter Brötzmann

Two City Blues 1 (Lp)

Label: Trost

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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A pair of discrete releases, each documenting a separate set of a concert given by the trio, along with "Two City Blues 1", recorded on one intense night at Tokyo's Shinjuku Pit Inn. A trio of three towering figures, German free jazz legend Peter Brötzmann, Japanese avant-garde wizard Keiji Haino, and wildly versatile American composer and musician Jim O'Rourke, recorded by Yasuo Fujimura on November 23, 2010. Brötzmann: alto and tenor saxophones, tarogato, and clarinet; Haino: guitar, voice, shamisen; O'Rourke: guitar.
"While Haino & Brötzmann recorded a wonderful disc together for PSF in 1996, "Evolving Blush Or Driving Original Sin" as well as a trio disc w/ Shoji Hano a few years later, I believe this is the first time Brötzmann & Jim have appeared on record together - The horn / guitar / guitar dynamic isn't that far from an inverted Borbetomagus, with the three absolutely tearing it apart; Haino's occasional dips into more plaintive voice & tortured Shamisen attack & Brötzmann's Tarogato shriek lending an extra timbral & dynamic layer to the proceedings - a digestible pause between courses of a very rich meal.  (Mimaroglu)


Cat. number: TROST 126LP
Year: 2015

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