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Unexplained Sounds (New Edition) - Tape

Label: Unexplained Sounds Group

Format: Tape

Genre: Electronic

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Tip! **50 copies** "Many people all around the world hear strange sounds emanating from the sky, or from the depths of the ocean, or from deep underground. In many cases these sounds remain unidentified while science still can't provide an explanation for this phenomenon. This album lies somewhere between musical fiction and the reality of field recordings. It runs from unidentified sounds heard in Finland and Canada, to possible sounds of deep water mermaids, and the sounds broadcast by the Andromeda galaxy. For this new edition, the original Unexplained Sounds album was re-mastered, and two new tracks were added (Benghazi Unknown Noises and Taos Hum).

Music and Mastering: Sonologyst
Samples: Nasa archive, VHS old documentaries, unknown recordists, Youtube.
Design: Black Space Industry

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