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Best of 2016
Best of 2016


Vertical Pillars

Label: One Point Life

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Reissue of early 80s underground releases by Pekka Airaksinen, NWW-listed founding member of legendary Finnish improv group The Sperm Vertical Pillars comprises 5 electronic instrumental improvisational pieces:  Kanakamuni, Kashyapa and Shakyamuni are from Sugatas album (1984) and Jambusuvarnadhvajakacanabhasa which has slight jazz ifluence comes from Jewel comet (1983).

” The inspiration to these compositions come from ancient texts. According to Indian beliefs Buddha is the pinnacle of human attainment. I have drawn mathematical information from text and used it as basis for composition. The rythm I divided in four layers, elements, that are earth bass drum, water tom, fire snare and wind symbal. The idea is to make perfect rhythm that accomps the perfect life.”  (P. Airaksinen)


Cat. number: OnePoint-lp04
Year: 2016

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