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Gianfranco Pernaiachi


Label: Ants


Genre: Compositional

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Two works from different periods come together in this "case-book": Ora (1997/2001) and Visitazioni (2011/ 2013). Times ... ways ... experiences intersect. Ora is a single stream of sounds and silences of 120 minutes. It can be "healed" (replaced) according to the feel of the listener. Its division into sections - like the same graphic score - have this unique feature. Headphone listening at a low volume is absolutely privileged. Visitazioni, referring to similar principles but changing the ways of approach, is a set of "invitations” toward a meditation where perceptions, insights, visions are juxtaposed with kindness. You look ("panels" that suggest a living are to be reassembled for a personal itinerary) ... you listen ... you read, and different plans reverberate one into  another. Both works can be enjoyed in their singularity or simultaneously (one with headphone listening, the other with ambient listening). Both works (the first audio-only, the second multimedia ) were experienced as an encounter with your inner self ... as a slow journey into one's inner self.  The boxset “Visitazioni” is a lavish set containing 13 charts  with various images and poetic texts, a video DVD, two audio CDs. Its content changes in each box, so that they are all unique sets. Every box is numbered.


Please, note that the 2 CDs of "Ora" enclosed in the Box are the same as the double CD released in 2001, with the original scores, the CD covers "reworked" and without the booklet and the original cover.

Cat. number: BX01
Year: 2014

Cardboard Box (cm. 14 x 14 x 2,6) containing:
13 single panels (mixed media: different papers, plexiglass, wood)
4 note sheets with english texts by the author and Giovanni Antognozzi
1 video DVD with cardboard cover
2 audio CDs with cardboard cover plus folded scores

Limited Edition of 50 numbered unique copies

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