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Erik Satie, John Cage, Marco Dalpane, Sabina Meyer

Cabaret per Nulla

Label: Ants

Format: CD

Genre: Compositional

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This album comes from the love for Music. Contemporary music, but also Songs. From the love for History and People. From the observation of a stage before and after a concert. And from Friendship and Collaboration.
Erik Satie and John Cage were two musicians of great influence and supreme coherence. In their rigorous path they choose the road to astonishment. On the road to their artistic ideal they met the “music”, when others only loosely saw it. Satie and Cage are, now historically, two composers to draw near. And this approach comes from their enormous artistic personality.
Sabina Meyer and Marco Dalpane are musicians of great sensibility and skill and, simply, they catch all these aspects in their performances. Satie comes so near to Cage and Cage “slides” toward Satie. The interlacing of the pieces gives us a path of reconstruction - as they want to show us. In “Cabaret Per Nulla” each piece by Satie piece could be (would be?) written by Cage and viceversa. “Vexations” seems as it comes from the pen of the young Cage, and “In a landscape” “belongs” to Satie, and to all of us. “She is asleep” and “La Diva de L’Empire” are two faces of the same medal. And so on.
This collection not only includes the music of two great modern composers, but in it the performers perfectly represent the community and presence of their efforts and makes the experience of listening so coherent, letting us to forgot all the differences – Times, Modes, Lifes – and allowing to understand that big, astonishing common element: Art.

Cat. number: AG 13
Year: 2007

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