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Current 93

Volume 2.

Label: Vinyl-On-Demand

Format: Vinyl LPx4 BOX

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

FINALLY ARRIVED!! Wooden box set, with embossed cover of blood-red C93 symbol different to that on Volume 1, of David Tibet's Current 93 project will contain ‘Christ and the Pale Queens’ plus ‘The Red Face of God’ as a Double LP; ‘As the World Disappears’, released for the first time ever on vinyl, and finally an official release of the legendary ‘Emblems’ LP, which has until now only existed as a test pressing. ‘Emblems’ was originally going to be a single LP of material that was only released on the now-deleted 2CD ‘Emblems’, but it never progressed beyond a very limited run of white vinyl test pressings, which are now ferociously rare and expensive. The box will also contain a metal badge (a different badge to that in VOD74) and will be accompanied by a beautiful booklet, with embossed cover, with very personal photos selected by David Tibet from hi s archives; this booklet is totally different to the one in VOD74.
Cat. number: VOD 75
Year: 2010

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