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Voor Anderen - excerpt 1
Voor Anderen - excerpt 2
Voor Anderen - excerpt 3
Voor Anderen - excerpt 4

Adriaan de Roover

Voor Anderen (Tape)

Label: Dauw

Format: Tape

Genre: Experimental

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**Edition of 150 copies on risograph sleeves** After having released several albums under his Oaktree moniker, de Roover decided to continue under his own name. New name, new music. Where Oaktree combined electronic music with neo-classical elements, his new direction is more centered around abstract, yet playful, sound design. His new EP continues in the same vein but offers a more minimal and quiet approach compared to his first full-length album Leaves which saw the light last year. Voor anderen is a collection of commissioned pieces that were created in 2015-2018. They were made with the intention of being part of specific projects by Thomas Thai and Damiaan Jacobs.

Cat. number: DAUW040
Year: 2020

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