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What remains of a building divided into equal parts and distribu

Label: Errant Bodies

Format: BOOK

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2009. English edition. 15 x 23 (softcover). 72 pages (b/w ill.). Edited by Ken Ehrlich & Brandon LaBelle. Contributions by Rachel Allen, Ava Bromberg, Ken Ehrlich, Jesko Fezer & Mathias Heyden, Nis R¿mer, Carl Michael von Hausswolff and The Land Foundation. What remains of a building divided into equal parts and distributed for reconfiguration is the second volume in the Surface Tension Supplement series dedicated to publishing documentation and critical writing on site-based practices in art, architecture and performance. This volume investigates the social and political dimensions of buildings and urban spaces, including critical reflections on recent urban planning policies in China, histories of participatory architecture, and proposals for urban farming. What remains of a building... offers multiple perspectives on the limits and creative possibilities of the built environment. Following the publication of Surface Tension: Problematics of Site in 2003, Surface Tension appears regularly as a series of published Supplements (launched 2006) that continues the artistic and philosophical program initiated in the original anthology. The series addresses questions of site-specific art, public and architectural space, and location-based practices, supporting investigations onto public practices through writing, documentation, and field work, while questioning what role such practices can offer in defining contemporary culture.
Cat. number: 9780977259434
Year: 2009