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Dirty Ear Report #03 (Book)

Label: Errant Bodies

Format: Book

Genre: Sound Art

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* English Edition * Dirty Ear Report #3 documents a collective workshop by sound artists and researchers working in the fields of experimental dramaturgy, sonic social engagement, and voice studies. Representing the sixth in the series of the Dirty Ear Forum held in Lisbon in 2016, the Report brings together essays, text pieces, and documents from the participants. In particular, questions of affect and urban experience are considered, posing sound as a vehicle for generating performative cartographies.

Dirty Ear Forum is an experimental forum for sonic research. Occurring in different locations and settings, it is based on the coming together of a selected group of practitioners and thinkers to exchange research on sound and listening, and to collectively work through a range of common concerns. At the center of the Forum is a desire to gather individual viewpoints and practices into a shared activity, embracing sound as a conceptual and material platform that provides creative opportunities for collaborative expressions.

Contributions by Maria Andueza, Rui Costa, Deborah Kapchan, Brandon LaBelle, Ana Pais, Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec.

Cat. number: 978-0-9978744-4-0
Year: 2020

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