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When - excerpt (1)
When - excerpt (2)
When - excerpt (3)

Jogging House


Label: Dauw

Format: TAPE

Genre: Electronic

In stock


**135 copies** The Frankfurt-based Jogging House is a relatively new name in the scene of minimal electronic music. However, within a short period of only two years he was able to attrack substantial attention from the (modular) synth community with numerous video’s in which he portrayed his music with a central focus on the instruments being used. The culmination of these endeavours were presented in the form of several well-received releases on his own Seil Records imprint. His new album When is about time and how not to be bothered by it. Characteristic for Jogging House is his interest in music that seems to have fallen out of time. That feels both old and new. That evokes memories while remaining uncharted. This ambivalence is exactly what the artist wanted to capture on When. “The only way I know how, is to not overthink things, but trying to be as free as possible and doing what feels right. Thus, the eight tracks that make up When were recorded in single takes (straight to cassette), opening room for improvisation and detours.” The result is - compared to his previous releases - in many ways more raw and stubborn, full of unsynced fragments of fading melodies and rhythms that are ignoring time signatures. (Hopefully) creating an experience that is both confident and fragile, relaxed and untamed.

Cat. number: DAUW35MC
Year: 2019

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