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Current 93

when the may rain comes

Label: Rotorelief

Format: CD

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cover of a track by Sand, whose work has had a profound affect on Tibet’s work, first appeared on Current 93’s influential album Thunder Perfect Mind. Also appearing on this 12'' is an alternate version of the same track from a CD single which accompanied the first 1,000 copies of Tibet and Stapleton’s release of material by Sand, Ultrasonic Seraphim. This 12'' is part of a series of releases from rotorelief comprised of new albums from Sand, a reissue of their album Golem and albums by Nurse with Wound and Current 93. “INXOM” is the series of albums from Sand, the series title having one letter for each album. So, 5 albums of Sand are to be released. Two more albums from Nurse with Wound and Current 93, two groups who helped bring to light the mystery that is Sand, increase the number of letters in the title. With these last two albums the series becomes INXODEM. His First Steps – Golem - Desert Navigation - Sylph Ballet – North Atlantic Raven. And Chromanatron by Nurse With Wound and When the May Rain Comes, cover versions of Sand by Current 93.

Cat. number: ROTORCD0010
Year: 2011
Genre: Electronic

Special edition, limited and numbered to 500 copies (black vinyl )Deluxe heavy duty cover