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Juma Sultan's Aboriginal Music Society

Whispers From The Archive

Label: Porter Records

Format: Vinyl LPx2

Genre: Jazz

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Outstanding work from bassist/percussionist Juma Sultan – a wealth of wonderful tracks from the loft jazz years of the 70s! Sultan's a player who doesn't always get his due on record – especially during this formative generation. Most of the tunes are quite spiritual, and feature a shifting lineup that really keeps things fresh – players who include Sultan on bass, percussion, and flute – plus Ali Abuwi on drums, flute, and oboe; Kasa Allah and Earl Cross on piano, Art Bennett on tenor, Talib Kibwe on flute and oboe, Paul Williams on guitar, and Ora Borman and Charlotte Richardson on vocals. This ever changing line-up lead to a diversity of emotions that let the band explore a multitude of styles that included elements of African music, orthodox jazz, spiritual jazz, free jazz, avantgarde and beyond. Fortunately, some 30 years after the music was recorded, it is now reaching an eager and appreciative audience.

The legacy and true masterful presence of a living legend is brought to the public’s attention” Soundcolourvibration
A much-needed look at his mighty talents back in the day – and a picture of a very underground level of American jazz that goes deeper than even some of the more-recorded avant players of the time!” Dustygroove

juma sultan

Cat. number: PRLP027
Year: 2012

Deluxe edition, limited to 500 copies