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Best of 2018

Various Artists

Zamaan Ya Sukkar: Exotic Love Songs and Instrumentals from (LP)

Label: Radio Martiko

Format: LP

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Zamaan Ya Sukkar is a rich musical portrait from the time when Cairo was the vibrant cultural heart of the Middle East and the grandeur of the leading orchestras was incomparable. Unearthed Latin and jazz-tinged tracks will let your mind drift off to the glamorous nightlife of '60s Cairo. Meet some forgotten souls of the Egyptian music scene and cinema world. Sensual voices and Bollywood-like orchestra sounds inflame the senses of the body with an intangible exotic twist! All music is remastered from original 45s produced by Sono Cairo. Features Salim El Baroudi, Sayed Salamah, Abd Al Fattah Mansi, Soad Mohamed, Al Thourathy Al Mareh, Taha Al-Ugayl, Mohamed Fawzy, and Magda Ali. Includes download.
Cat. number: RMLP 005 LP
Year: 2018