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Ena Tefariki - Excerpt 1
Ena Tefariki - Excerpt 2
Ena Tefariki - Excerpt 3
Ena Tefariki - Excerpt 4
Ena Tefariki - Excerpt 5


Ena Tefariki (2LP)

Label: Radio Martiko

Format: 2LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

In stock


**Includes a 16 page booklet with illustrated liner notes** Radio Martika presents Ena Tefariki, Oriental Shake, Farfisa Madness & Rocking Bouzoukis from the Greek Laika Movement (1961-1973) a double LP compilation of monster grooves, driven by a perfect symbiosis of fiery oriental rhythms and the deep, relaxed heartbeat of the bass line, with virtuosic, intoxicating solos on bouzoukis, Farfisa organs, clarinets and violins. This is the sound of laika, Greek-oriental pop music from the 60s and early 70s that sets every dance floor on fire!

These 20 carefully selected songs serve as an introduction to this mind-blowing music for the non-aficionado, as it is the first album of its kind to be released outside of Greece or the Greek migrant communities. The extended and illustrated liner notes take you back to the heyday of Greek pop music and put this cultural movement into an historical perspective.

Cat. number: RMLP007
Year: 2021

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