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New Arrivals

Contact (LP)
* Watercolor Blue Vinyl * Greg Fox’s Contact is an extension and evolution of the multidisciplinary artist’s rigorous, virtuosic sound-making practices. On Cont…
Colored LP | €24.90
Room for the Moon (LP)
Kate NV is the project of Russia-born recording artist, songwriter, and producer Kate Shilonosova. Best known in her hometown of Moscow as the lead singer and f…
LP | €24.90
The Flam (LP)
Black Saint present a reissue of Frank Lowe, one of the most powerful tenor sax voices in the post Free Jazz era and one of the main figures in the mid Seventie…
LP | €15.90
Xièxie (2 CD)
* 2020 stock * A week before leaving, I bought a dictionary and phrasebook. Covered in rain, during the days and even the nights, Shanghai was lit in a glow, a …
2 CD | €22.00
Continents - Remastered (2 CD)
Originally self-released in 2006 in a limited edition CDR+mCDR handmade package. Remastered by Stephan Mathieu. Note: Some skips, noise, clipping, or other arte…
2 CD | €16.00
The Lodgers (LP)
The Lodgers: A horror set in Ireland’s ‘most haunted house. Burning Witches Records are proud to present the beautiful hauntingly gothic score to The Lodgers by…
LP | €26.90
In Memory Of A Summer Day (Lp)
Day Of Light, the first album by Chicago musician Constantine, released as a private edition in 2015, took the underground psych-folk scene by storm and it's no…
LP | €21.00
Electronic Voyages: Early Moog Recordings 1964-1969 (LP)
In support of their forthcoming Bob Moog documentary Electronic Voyager, Waveshaper Media have produced a compilation LP of Moog recordings from the 1960s. The …
LP | €19.90
A l'ombre des roches (LP)
* Limited Edition of 50. Transparent smokey crystal vinyl * An extraordinary twilight world opens while listening to Organizatisya. Adventurous yet humble, they…
LP | €24.90
Music For Dance & Theatre - Volume Two (12")
‘Music For Theatre And Dance – Volume Two’ is the second in a small series of EPs that will focus on music which was initially created for or inspired by dance …
12" | €18.90
Habiba (LP)
Available on vinyl for the first time since its original release in 1974, Outernational Sounds proudly presents one of the most sought-after international jazz …
LP | €21.90
Music For Violin Alone
"Music for Violin Alone" was recorded in a makeshift studio in an empty house in Le Poujol sur Orb during the first two weeks of the French lockdown. Recorded b…
CD | €11.50
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Locomotion (Lp)
Tip! Colored vinyl edition. This grooviest French jazz-funk and avant-garde album features Henri Texier and Bernard Lubat led by by the famous French pianist Ma…
LP | €19.90
Notes From The Forest Floor ​/ ​Line Of Parts (LP)
* Edition of 250 on clear vinyl * A split sided album with Chris Watson and Georgia Rodgers, pairing two artists whose works here show different but complimenta…
LP | €18.90
Emosyon Tambou-A (LP)
**300 copies** In the early eighties, Edmond Mondésir, professor of philosophy and Léon Bertide, trade unionist, founded the Bèlènou group. They were actors of …
LP | €23.90
Atlantean Fusebox (Tape)
* Edition of 75. Cardboard slipcase, with insert card. * Recorded in Dunedin and Turku, 2019 Mastered by Forbes Williams. Sleeve art & design by Tim Cornelius. …
Tape | €7.00

Best Sellers

Kofu (LP)
LP | €24.90
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Musique pour le film d’un ami (LP)
First ever reissue of impossible to find French soundtrack. Mixing elements of spiritual jazz, free funk and dirty grooves, the album was mixed by Jef Gilson.
LP | €21.90
Dimensioni Sonore (10LP)
One of the most 'hidden' and sought after releases of all times is finally getting a due repress: a work of epic proportions, Ennio Morricone's and Bruno Nicola…
10xLP | €180.00
Six Operators (Lp)
Mindblowing **Edition of 250** Unreleased before, this is their proper second effort, re-recorded in 2017. Ambienti Coassiali's Six Operators was recorded with …
LP | €17.90
Yeo-Neun (LP)
** small repress, absolutely astounding! ** Anyone encountering the efforts of the cellist, Okkyung Lee, faces an unavoidable truth. She’s an unreckonable force…
LP | €18.90

Upcoming Releases

Black Mass (Pink LP)
Colored LP | €25.90
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