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New Arrivals

A Rainbow In Curved Air (LP)
One of Terry Riley's most enduring works, and a haunting record that contains two extended modal minimal jams. By capturing Riley as both a conceptualist and as…
LP | €25.90
Chapter Eleven (4CD Box)
2021 Small repress **4xCD, over 4 hours of music. Co-Released by Hanson Records and Helicopter** Easily one of the most essential releases of this year, Hanson …
4CD Box | €38.00
Performances and Recordings 1998-2018 (3CD Box)
* 2021 Repress * Saltern presents its fifth release, Performances & Recordings 1998-2018, the first comprehensive collection of recordings surveying the career …
3CD Box | €25.00
Hallraum (Tape)
** Edition of 100 ** Site specific recordings accompanying and responding to the ambience of central Düsseldorf in summer 2018. Trippy business. Perhaps trying …
Tape | €8.50
Clock Resistance (tape)
** Cassette tape with an illustration from Helge Reumann, limited edition ** Formed by Swiss post-metal veterans from Knut and Abraham, strom|morts’ goal is to …
Tape | €8.50
Hidden Codes (Tape)
Trinovantes is a new collaboration between old friends Franz Kirmann and Stuart Bowditch, who originally met in 2007 at the Multivitamins events in Shoreditch. …
Tape | €8.50
Apiary (Tape)
Formed in Chicago in 2009, Apiary brought together four of that city's most versatile and prolific musicians: David Daniell (guitar), Steven Hess (drums), Josep…
Tape | €8.50
Shortwave Radio Recordings On MiniDisc (Tape)
One for lovers of the Conet project, Jim Haynes with a set of often bizarre shortwave recordings including Soviet-era Buzzer signals, a Romanian language lesson…
Tape | €8.50
How It's Not Meant To Be (Tape)
The Tapeworm presents How It's Not Meant To Be by Venozkts. Many hours were spent surfing the airwaves, with often surprising results… No synths were used durin…
Tape | €8.50
Longing for Freedom (Tape)
Hiski Salomaa began his life in 1891 in Kangasniemi in the Southern Savonia region of Finland, emigrating to the USA after the death of his mother in 1909 - tra…
Tape | €9.00
3 Raw Takes (12")
This EP features 3 unreleased early takes from Martin Revs Les Nymphes -album from 2008. Tracks are early 2006 stripped down versions. Sähkö dig out previously …
12" | €15.00
**2020 2LP Repress** Okay so this is weird – in February 2011 Gier Jenssen finished an album dedicated to the Japanese post-war reconstruction and, specifically…
2 LP | €25.90
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The second in a series of posthumous Mika Vainio releases on Säkhö, celebrating the work of a true, electronic music visionary. The tracks on Kiteet, released u…
CD | €15.00
Diffractions (LP)
* Edition of 500 * Mark Fell and Will Guthrie join forces for the second time this year with ‘Diffractions’, the 2nd in a two part series released via the new N…
LP | €19.90
35.256031, 47.013321, 27.081979
"35.256031, 47.013321, 27.081979" is an experimental sound art piece created by the Iranian composer Porya Hatami. This piece is channeling the dark historical …
CD | €13.00
Ray (Lp)
**Edition of 250 copies, Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi. Painting by Gayle Paul, design by Ashley Paul** 'Ray' is Ashley Paul's bright, sensual return to Slip: a l…
LP | €21.90

Best Sellers

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Taiwan Years
A stunning journey into the archives of one of the most fascinating composers / percussionists working today, Michael Ranta’s Taiwan Years, issued by Metaphon, …
CD | €15.00
Narcotic (2LP)
Narcotic is perhaps one example of an album in both camps of the Muslimgauze spectrum, it denotes the expertise acquired in oriental percussion by Bryn Jones af…
LP | €29.90
Tenno (LP)
For over four decades, Reiko Omura and Tori Kudo have endlessly woven themselves throughout the avant-garde and underground scene of Japan. While internationall…
LP | €19.90
Some Deaths Take Forever (2Lp)
2LP + insert. First time vinyl reissue since the original 1980 version. Original remastered album plus second LP with unreleased extra tracks from 'Some Deaths …
LPx2 | €23.90

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