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New Arrivals

The Zeitkratzer label releases a limited 3CD box documenting international avant-garde soloists ensemble Zeitkratzer, and their collaborations with groundbreaking electronic musicians spanning nearly a decade. This set collects all three previously-released Electronics recordings (ZKR 004CD/ZKR 005CD/ZKR 006CD), made in Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Austria with non-academic electronic musician Carsten Nicolai (aka Alva Noto), electro-acoustic composer Terre Thaemlitz, and legendary Japanese…
CDx3 Box | €42.00
Never mind the piano, the pianist is Fine! Milo Fine describes the particular piano as 'more remains than intact', yet he still manages to get the right music out of 'that wonderful beast'. The earlier date is unaccompanied piano improvised mainly at the keyboard. On the other longer concert, recorded towards the likely demise of the 'beast', Fine spends most of his time working on the innards resulting in a very wide range of sound. He also uses some electronics, and is joined by alto saxophoni…
CD digipack | €14.99
Underneath the surface
Since the very first notes, this music appears to be about memory, decay and subversion. It is a deep investigation on the ability of sounds to freely attract or reject each other, in accordance with their own nature and disposition, and still maintain their meaning. Combining dense, multilayered sheets of synthetic sounds, treated bass, electronic percussion, the six tracks reveal their non-architectural principle as the music develops through warm textural details, reverberations, underlying m…
CD digipack | €15.00
psychic smog
New ASC effort on qbico, a duo this time. THIS is the social club for astral spirits..."
Vinyl LP | €15.99
Nate Young airs two of his alter egos on this great split LP: Demons, featuring Steve Kenney (oh you know, Steve Kenney - he's in those well-known beat combos The Pterodactyls and Isis & Werewolves.... No?) and Hatred, which combines Young once again with Kenney, but this time with the added presence of Spence Bryant. The Hatred side sounds like the motor on your turntable is continually breaking down, as if some perpetual Technics power-down effect was causing all manner of primitive pitch-slid…
Vinyl LP | €16.99
Totaled And Stranded
Awesome release: recorded in a hotel room after we totaled out tour vehicle and became stranded in the worst snowstorm in Ohio history” Beatty, Connelly, Tremaine. Artwork: hand cutted black cardboard, Xeroxed recycled paper, raw paper inner sleeve. The B side is screenprinted by Serimal. Limited edition in 500 copies. A 1-sided album of piercing vocals, walls of guitars, precise heavy electronics and thundering drums. A fusion of metal, noise rock, free jazz, industrial, and harsh electron…
Vinyl LP | €13.99
Silent Movie
silent movie documents the only known live performance of the alias of the new blockaders at no fun fest. the dvd holds only silent footage and one must spin the vinyl to hear the sound while witnessing this futile destruction. dvd features additional commentary by g.x. jupiter-larsen.
Vinyl LP+DVD | €18.99
Under Milk Wood
The new LSD March album Under Milk Wood is their first full length since 2007's Constellation Of Tragedy for Important Records. With grace (in the rock sense), style, humor & the perfect touch of heavy riffage this tremendously unique and original recording is a classic of the new Japanese underground. Recorded at Black Snowflake Studios in Japan, Under Milk Wood is a fascinating ghostly rock album full of clean untreated restraint and a grounded calm compliments of Takahashi Ikuro's drumming. I…
CD | €12.99
New York Nuts & Boston Baked Beans
Violinist/vocalist C Spencer Yeh & unrivaled saxophone elder-titan Paul Flaherty team up without the assistance of acclaimed drummer Chris Corsano for the first time.Along for the jamz is bonkers Boston trumpeteer Greg Kelley.After performing numerous times and honing a distinct group dynamic as a trio over many years with celebrated percussionist Chris Corsano, Yeh and Flaherty decided to try it out one-on-one. The record comprises of the best from two live sets from a short duo tour in the Nor…
CD | €12.99
Induced Musical Spasticity: B.C. Free Music Society (1984-2009)
Major archival unearthing that makes available for the first time the bulk of the 'official' releases - plus a ton of unreleased material - from the mythic Butte County Free Music Society, a collective of musical oddballs, 'noise' musicians, art pranksters, record collectors and rock/roll fans who modeled themselves on the Los Angeles Free Music Society in order to create an umbrella organization that would shelter 'out' musicians during times of musical drought, this one taking place in the ear…
Vinyl LPx4 box + CD | €64.00
First collaboration between Maurizio Bianchi and Akifumi Nakajima, the second one being the Mectpyo Saisei on Para Disc. Four long tracks of drowsy noise ambiance.
CD | €14.99
'The 'elision' in the traditional music is a coercive and systematic dispositive necessary to assimilate two syllabic notes in one only. The 'elisionem', in the avant-gardist branch, is a sound absorbent course used amalgamate various sonorous elements into one. The main purpose is to generate an eclectic and axiomatic damping of the electroacoustic particles in order to proportion the achromatic fulfilment of modern concretism. And the final effect is phonographically disarming... psycho-acoust…
CD | €14.99
The parable of arable land
This albums, recorded in 1967, are the cornerstone of The Red Krayola legend and one of the most famous record in avant-garde '60s rock. The Red Krayola's debut remains their most celebrated and notorious effort. Although this was categorized as psychedelia when first released, it's more like futuristic avant-noise-rock. Mayo Thompson's flighty songs about hurricane fighter planes and transparent radiation are almost submerged by a cacophony of "free-form freak-out" noise created on kazoos, flut…
LP x2 | €29.90
Curved Surface Destroyer
3CD live retrospective covering '98-2006 & incl. shows in New Zealand, Japan, Denmark & Scotland. Shows the evolution of sound from the mid 90's slowly emerging drone-fields to the more dynamic sound. He's assembled the best possible overview of his work under one title, w/out rehashing any material from previous releases
CDx3 | €18.99
Neu! 2
NEU! was/is/will be a big deal in the history of 20th century music. They laid the foundation for scores of musicians who followed them. But why were Neu! so great? Part of their appeal lies in the fact that their music was so simple, so natural and so easy to listen to and absorb. Each of their pieces draws you in with its own unique mood. The music is emotive in so many different ways: the icy melancholy of Weissensee and Leb'wohl, the tranquil yet sinister brooding of Im Glück, the rage and s…
CD | €14.50
Musiques Machinales
1 copy only, long out of print - for many years, Pierre BASTIEN has developed his personal music based on musical machines made with Mecano. His orchestra MECANIUM is his backing band both on album and on stage. All this creates a tender, delicate and emotive machine music that seduced Pascal DOMELADE from the beginning. A terrific mixture of J. Dubuffet and John Cage
CD | €35.00
Con il corpo crivellato di stelle
Just say the Hystory of the industrial avantgard in Italy, since 1981
CD digipack | €9.99
Heavly influenced by the seventies, this band is able as no one to pick those elements and build them in a fresh and modern kraut-psychedlic shape
CD digipack | €11.45
Quien Sabe?
Heavly influenced by the seventies, this band is able as no one to pick those elements and build them in a fresh and modern kraut-psychedlic shape
CD digipack | €9.99
Xabier iriondo and Mattia Coletti. Polvere by some means is the avant/kraut folk project of this couple of musicians and beside the experimental/post-psychedelic characteristics of the cd it shows their melodical/acoustic virtues.
CD digipack | €11.45