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New Arrivals

danza meccanica
Gorgeous collection of rare and early italian wave releases from 1982 - 1987, after an exhausting work of "archeological" research, selected by Danza and with intro text by Fred Ventura in a limited run of 500
Finally restocked, last copies around...Unmissable!!! Almost complete discography of P16.D4 collecting the classic recordings from 1982 til 1991 plus some unreleased recordings and a dvd of video footage never available before. "P16.D4 might not be an overly obscure name for those knowledgeable of the nascent industrial/experimental/noise scene of the early 1980s, but P16.D4 has not been as venerated as many contemporaries either. Monotype has jumped upon the opportunity to give this project th…
Ten canisters of pressurized tetrafluoroethane over three weeks
Limited edition red vinyl 7", 100 copies. Two pieces for hand-held gas horns realized at the Music Research Centre, University of York, November 2008. Recorded using two Neumann U87 microphones and a Shure SM58 on custom-rigged pendulum.
Since the very beginning 13 years ago Supersilent have always moved forward with the greatest integrity. No albums, or indeed concerts, sound the same, yet there´s always a strong signature present. So also with this album. Mostly recorded by Jan Erik Kongshaug at the famous Rainbow Studio in Oslo, this was their first session after drummer Jarle Vespestad lef the band. This time they have moved slightly towards a more acoustic landscape with Ståle Storløkken, for the first time with Supersilent…
Rasputin 3000
This one-time limited edition of 750 copies comes from Austria's Comfortzone label and catches Mika Vainio in swaggering backroom dancefloor mode again for a 2nd, Jukebox-styled 7". A-side is a corrosive, killer slice of Industro-Bashment called 'Rasputin 3000', all skeletal rhythmic swagger and elemental distortion. B-side features an even more stripped down and haunted number called 'Devil Arrives To Finspång'. Nobody does this thing quite like Vainio - miss out at your peril!
Chapter Ahead Being Fake Vinyl
Not sure you could gather four bigger names from the drone metal inner circle to record a pair of splits. Hats off to Hydra Head. Both new splits come with awesome artwork from Aaron Turner, and this Torche / Boris split comes with a pretty fucking sweet t-shirt option. Don’t try and tell me you haven’t been dreaming of wearing Wata on your chest. This one hasn’t sold out of black vinyl quite yet
With the Antithetical Self
"with the antithetical self" consists of improvisational pieces completed between winter 2008 and spring 2009. i would sit quietly in an empty room daily and calibrate myself to all noises surrounding. from there a single tone would be introduced, which i would listen to for fifteen or twenty minutes before joining in. on some days, listening was enough. at other times, i would hear a song within the tone and mimic it, bringing it out into existence and layer it from there with additional instr…
The Phantoms Of Purgatory Souls
EVPs from Case File PAW159. Part of an ongoing collection of essays and observations into the nature and experience of Electronic Voice Phenomena. The collective, entitled The Phantom Monographs, will have future releases which will be available over time and may be assembled in a final completed monograph.
In Dust
In recent years, there has been a surge of electronic artists, for the most part new comers, who have rejected the digital approach which had dominated since the nineties in favour of the more organic analogue textures pioneered during the late sixties and well into the seventies by German experimental musicians, from the most exploratory, with the likes of Emeralds or Oneohtrix Point Never, to the bulk of the Scandinavian disco scene, spearheaded by Lindstrøm, Prins Thomas and DiskJokke.…
Rutger Zuydervelt aka Machinefabriek is a master of self-made sound and time-stretching, sensitively handling organic recordings and samples on countless releases, and regards preset sounds in an organ or a cheap keyboard as a tonal find, as a part of the cacophony of everyday life. These bontempi-rhythms plus the computer-stretched sounds of saxophone (Espen Reinertsen) and voice (Mariska Baars) are the base elements of "Vergezicht 1" and "Vergezicht 2." It is stunning how Zuydervelt man…
Relocation.Reconstruction is derived from the sound elements of the three installations in Yann Novak’s solo exhibition Relocation at Lawrimore Project (May 2009). In the original exhibition, Novak explored the multitude of emotional states experienced during and after the relocation of one’s life. With this latest work, Novak continues his exploration into this theme a year after the initial event that inspired him, with the new insight that although he has arrived at his destination, the reloc…
... And They Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness
It may well be the case that the whole modern classical scene suffered from a possibly fatal case of over-familiarity and over-exposure these last few years, but it would be a shame if a genuinely gifted musician and composer like Iceland's Ólafur Arnalds was lumped in with the vast majority of his contemporaries - the guy is just the real deal. And if there were any doubts about his talents, Arnalds created and released a new song a day for one whole week during the month of October this …
Popular Electronics - The Singles Collection
'In 2004, the Netherlands-based Basta label released Popular Electronics - Early Dutch Electronic Music from Philips Research Laboratories. The four-CD (and seven-booklet) box set meticulously chronicled the pioneering electronica that Henk Badings, Tom Dissevelt, and Dick Raaijmakers recorded for Philips between 1956 and 1963. Since these recordings had originally been released on vinyl, collectors petitioned Basta for a vinyl edition. After consulting with Dick Raaijmakers, Basta decide…
Latest entry in Touch's bitesize Touch Sevens series, with typically lush cover design and photography by Jon Wozencroft. This one comes from NZ native Paul Douglas aka Rosy Parlane, and was recorded in Auckland back in 2008-9. 'Willow' is a blast, its radiant widescreen drones and shimmering surfaces - which corrode and curdle over the duration - calling to mind the work of labelmate BJ Nilsen. 'Morning' is more reserved, elegiac even; rotary organ tones and delicate processing conspire …
Off / On
Off/On is an evolutionary act of fissure, the opening of a rift in Forma's sonic landscape. The second LP from the Brooklyn cosmic synth trio of Mark Dwinell, Sophie Lam, and George Bennett, Off/On's universe is darker, its terrain more enigmatic and aggressive than 2011's critically-acclaimed self-titled album. Recorded at the renowned Schoolhouse space in Bushwick, Off/On combines swirling arpeggios, gnarled sequences, and deconstructed motorik rhythms to conjure an atmosphere of entropic …
From The Kitchen Archives No. 5 - Pianos in The Kitchen
The 5th volume from NYC's The Kitchen performance center focuses on piano music from performers Philip Glass, Meredith Monk, Charlemagne Palestine, Anthony Davis, Harold Budd, and Dennis Russel Davies. Pianos in The Kitchen brings together select concert recordings of solo piano works performed at The Kitchen from 1976 through 1983, including works from the 1976 Bösendorfer Festival and the 1983 series of benefit concerts that supported the purchase of a new Steinway Baby Grand piano for the…
Open the gates to the mystifying world of Belgian electronic producer Hans Dens’ Innercity project. Truly alien, truly futuristic rhythmic mantras and techno miscalculations. Dens’ unique minimal beat style, combining elements of electronic, Kraut, and New Age weirdness, creates an otherworldly entity that transcends our earthly boundaries. Limited edition pressing of 300 copies.
Living With Yourself
Mark McGuire operates chiefly as guitarist in the legendary Emeralds,  however he also has racked up an impressive set of solo releases over the last few years (albeit mainly in small to micro print runs). 'Living With Yourself' is his new album and we at Editions Mego hope to meet any demand which may arise from this fine selection of modern crafted guitar tunes. Focusing on his family, early friendships and the problems that inevitably develop through years of knowing someone, it takes McGuire…
Underneath the surface
Since the very first notes, this music appears to be about memory, decay and subversion. It is a deep investigation on the ability of sounds to freely attract or reject each other, in accordance with their own nature and disposition, and still maintain their meaning. Combining dense, multilayered sheets of synthetic sounds, treated bass, electronic percussion, the six tracks reveal their non-architectural principle as the music develops through warm textural details, reverberations, underlying m…
Ersatz II
The second release from Dieter Moebius and Karl Renziehausen. The tracks were recorded in 1991-92 and released on Nova Era in 1992. Reissue with special miniature paper sleeve. Digitally remastered version, limited to 1,000 copies