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1001 Centigrades

Label: Jazz Village

Format: LP

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After losing guitarist Claude Engel and reinforcing the brass section with Jeff Seffer on saxophones and Louis Toesca on trumpet, Magma went back into the studio in 1971 to record a second album. All the originality and greatness of Kobaďa are there, in even greater measure because everything is magnified. The two tracks composed respectively by Teddy Lasry and François Cahen occasionally introduce a jazzier note but it is Rďah Sahďltaahk which shows the most forceful development of the work apparent on the first album. This Christian Vander composition is over twenty minutes in length. It amazes as much by its richness and the incredible number of its themes as by its rhythmic strength and its perfectly controlled violence. Furthermore, it allows the listener to admire the diversity of the brass, whose role diminishes progressively over time.

Cat. number: JV33570071
Year: 2016
Genre: Rock