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    Michael GENDREAU

    55 pas de la ligne au N°3


    Format: CD

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    Long-time San Francisco based sound artist, internationally known from his extensive discography as Crawling With Tarts, releases his first full length solo work. 55 pas de la ligne au no 3 is a microscopic study of dense sonic landscapes buried within antiquated turntable motors. Gendreau, an acoustician by profession, utilizes high sensitivity accelerometers to map detailed frequencies from a variety of old turntable motors and mechanics. This is a rare exhibition of the creative potential within this kind of technology.
    Cat. number: 23five 002
    Year: 2002
    Composed, realized and mastered at ASP, 2000 and 2000-2001.

    Thank you: S. Arford, D. Barratt, J. Bischoff, I. A. L. C. Gendreau, M. C. E. S. Gendreau, S. H. D. Gendreau, T. Erbe, S. Jenerik, B. Labelle, F. Lopez, S. Peters, S. Thiessen, R. H.Y. Yau and 23five Incorporated.
    This release has been made possible through generous support of Ethan and Annabelle Port.

    Jewel case with slipcover.