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John Hegre

A Nice Place To Leave

Label: Dekorder

Format: mini-CD

Genre: Experimental

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John Hegre is one half of norwegian improv duo Jazzkammer (Smalltown Supersound, Rune Grammofon) w/ Lasse Marhaug and Bergen's pop sensation Kaptein Kaliber (Telle). While he has released a massive amount of music with the latter two projects and as a member of Der Brief "A Nice Place To Leave" could be considered his solo debut (though he has released a few solo tracks on a project CD w/ Marhaug and Supersilent's Helge Sten). "A Nice Place To Leave" is music beyond improvisation, composition, genre and academy. Utilising small electronic devices, computer and guitar the music is slowly shifting and, sometimes,  suddenly collapsing, from subtle drones to extreme noise bursts. While patiently being focused and granting space to individual sounds and movements, Hegre's tracks are constantly evolving,  never standing still without being ridicously nervous. Themes appear and then, suddenly disappear into oblivion, without ever losing the overall atmosphere of the record, making this a very individual and coherent release.
Cat. number: Dekorder 003
Year: 2003

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