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A Pale Blue Door

Label: Soleilmoon

Format: BOOK + CD

Genre: Experimental

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"Robin Storey, best known for his musical avatar Rapoon, has written his first book, a 68 page short story about a group of characters navigating an unfamiliar and changing world. A Pale Blue Door takes place in the past, the present and the future, and may involve time travel. The people in the story are trying to live their lives as best they can, but a mysterious spaceman floats in and out of view, affecting them in different ways, and never quite touching the ground. A Pale Blue Door is a tightly written, well paced tale that reveals its secrets slowly. Robin Storey's prose is concise and economical, engaging and seductive. The book begs to be read again and again. Accompanying the book is a 60 minute Rapoon CD, also titled A Pale Blue Door. The compositions utilise recordings of stars, manned space missions, radio signals and emissions made available through NASA's official website. There are also field recordings made on the marshlands of the Solway Firth in Cumberland."

Cat. number: sol188cd
Year: 2015

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