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Ainsi Soit-il!

Label: Rotorelief

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Limited edition of 250. Alone, you have to listen to Brume alone, and lie down far from the neon lights, traffic, and gossip, with your lights filtered. In the dominating dark and night, Brume carries an atomized reality to a world where chaos rhymes with spatial waverings, where atmosphere is devoid of impurity, rich with rhythms and sonorities, and dense with emotions, for a mysterious -- but undoubtedly innovative -- energetic trip. Rich, complex, and experimental Ainsi Soit-il!envelopes us. Brume (Christian Renou) is a prolific French musique concrète composer/sound sculptor who has won himself a place of his own with his crossover between sound collages, electroacoustics, and noise. His compositions rely on dense, rapid-fire montage and wed cacophony and dynamics, emphasizing both the elements of discontinuity and continuity. 1978: first steps with a Farfisa organ, inspired by surreal soundscapes à la Fripp & Eno and experiments experiments experiments. Tries to make a compromise between electronic and electroacoustic. 1985: creation of the Brume Rec. label. 1986-2000: many LPs, CDs, and cassettes, and some soundtracks for visual artists. 2000: Brume stops everything. Regeneration. 2008: 30 years after his first sound, Brume starts his experimentation again. For our pleasure.

Cat. number: ROTOR0018
Year: 2010

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