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Angels And Daemons At Play

Label: Rune Grammofon

Format: CDx6 box

Genre: Experimental

In stock


Angels And Daemons At Play is the fourth installment in the ongoing Motorpsycho luxury box-set reissue program. While almost every Motorpsycho release is, in one way or another, a step forward, backwards, sideways, or most often everything at once, Angels And Daemons At Play, originally released in 1997, is probably their first coming-of-age album. Following on the heels of 1995's more streamlined Blissard (RACD 110CD), AADAP is the typically stubborn response from a band refusing to be categorized. Thus, it is possibly the most varied, and on the whole, most experimental of all their albums. They also had the stubborn idea - as explained in the liner notes - to originally split it into three CDs, even if all the music would have fitted on one. Here, this original idea is continued on the three first discs. Disc 4 includes the Starmelt EP (1997), various outtakes and rarities. One of the golden nuggets here is the very first performance of "Un Chien d´Espace" ever, improvising to Luis Bunuel's surreal short film Un Chién Andalou (1929) at Cinemateket in Oslo in 1996. Only the beginning and end were written, while everything else was up for grabs. Disc 5 and 6 consist of the complete two and a half hour March 14, 1997 concert at Rockefeller in Oslo, recorded by NRK, the Norwegian broadcasting corporation. Never broadcasted in its entirety, and with the original mixes mastered by Helge Sten, this is the best and most complete version one will be able to own. One of the rare and lost treasures is Deathprod's quite epic Komet, which took up almost half an hour at the beginning of this all around killer show. Includes a 24-page booklet with liner notes, song comments and rare photos; three pop-card type prints of Bent, Snah and Gebhardt. Design by Kim Hiorthøy, using elements from the original 3CD set as well as some "remixed" and new stuff.

Cat. number: RACD 114
Year: 2017

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