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Anna​-​Lisa & Rosanne - Excerpt 1
Anna​-​Lisa & Rosanne - Excerpt 2


Anna​-​Lisa & Rosanne (Tape)

Label: Ana Ott

Format: Tape

Genre: Experimental

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* Each cassette is handmade and unique. The cases have been made in gravure printing. More precisely: They are line etchings with oil paint on handmade paper. The process also uses a titanium-zinc plate and a paint made of diluted tar. And finally, to match the music, the whole thing wanders through an acid bath * In the heat of summer, Nasssau staggered in a stuffy bus through parts of Europe. They pant in Dusseldorf, they splashed in Hamburg, they rejoiced in Brussels and they mumbled in Antwerp's secret gardens. Along the way, Anna-Lisa and Rosanne found each other.

Various instruments played by: Tim Diedrich, Dennis Dycks, Sebastian von der Heide, Nils Herzogenrath, Elisa Kühnl, Dominik Lau and Edis Ludwig. On some occasions with additional performers: Akiko Ahrendt (Violin), REV.23 (Percussion). Artwork by Sophie Isabel Urban and Simon Wienk-Borgert.

Cat. number: AO0
Year: 2020

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