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File under: Cosmic


Milchreise (Lp)

Label: Ana Ott

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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Transport rushes through all sorts of unholy rituals and improvised excesses – from Tanz um den Melkeimer to the Ekelzentrum and on to the Traumbaum. A Space Odyssey without rules or certainties, apart from the filthy power of an uproar of etheric synthesizer washes and motoric drum pulses. On their Milchreise, they boldly stimulate cosmic regions of your brain that no band has stimulated before (probably apart from Amon Düül, Ash Ra Tempel and Boredoms).

Milchreise is their thundering, whispering, grunting, squealing and buzzing debut LP

Cat. number: AO012
Year: 2017

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