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Anthemoessa - Excerpt 1
Anthemoessa - Excerpt 2


Anthemoessa (LP)

Label: Daksina

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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* Edition of 100. Housed in High Quality folded card stock silk screened * I’m thinking of following a river up and up stream until it becomes just a little trickle on a bare hill. I’m thinking of the time I climbed into the attic of my church when I was a kid, and found a disassembled pipe organ, and we took the smallest pipes with us and blew into them like whistles that made golden tones, but then we lost them or threw them away and then felt bad about stealing from church, but also ruining the set of pipes. I’m thinking that I don’t go camping enough, and every time I do I tell myself I will more often, and then my tent sits in the closet for another year. I’m thinking of the pure and thoughtless music I have made with my old and close friends, and thinking it was the best thing I’d ever done, musical or otherwise, and not being sure if I wished I had pushed "record" or not.

A Toddler Humming Along with His Mother While She Washes Dishes? Judee Sill, Alone In Her Bedroom Coming Up with Song Ideas? The Heat That Fills Your Face When You Think You’re Going to Cry? Accidentally Doing All the Drugs With Your Pals While Your Girlfriend Is At Work? Is that a ringing in my ear, the singing of my dear, or the music of the spheres? Sometimes the answer is all three!" - Nate Luce

Cat. number: DAK005
Year: 2020

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