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Threnody for Judas Iscariot - Excerpt 1
Threnody for Judas Iscariot - Excerpt 2

Key Of Shame

Threnody for Judas Iscariot (LP)

Label: Daksina

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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* Edition of 100. Housed in high quality folded card stock Silk Screened. * Spit-tested veterans of frontal-lobe extermination, Key of Shame’s Pat Murano (Decimus, NNCK) and Mark Morgan (Sightings) discharge focused algorithms of unease and decay in split-second intervals on their third LP, Threnody for Judas Iscariot. A sly codicil of dim textures and gestalt arpeggios, Judas Iscariot shudders itself open and stays gaping, bum notes skittering and splitting out of the electronic backwash like emergent phenomena to hold open the gates, disrupted rhythms fracturing and fusing like branches of the family tree coming back together. There is a chord hidden here somewhere; who will be the first to find it? The whole living, skittering, scraping slab blisters and churns under Murano and Morgan’s controlled attack, periodically rediscovering its origins just long enough to punch back: blips of order expertly dismantled and worked into tight knots of squirming pathology. Dread boils beneath these sides like an underground river, deforming cold-circuit patterns of nerve abrasion into serial self-portraits, coming up hard against the floor of conscious awareness: a tense document for a tense time. - Theresa Smith

Cat. number: DAK006
Year: 2020

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