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File under: Experimental


Morning and Evening Ragas Vol. 1 (LP)

Label: Daksina

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

**100 copies** Daksina is a new label rising from the ashes of the glorious Kelippah. Run by Pat Murano a.k.a. Decimus, also member of the No-Neck Blues Band.
Following two LPs released back in May 2019, here comes two new releases which are available as extremely limited vinyl LPs housed in beautiful covers silkscreened by Alan Sherry at Siwa Prints on 12"x24" folded cardstock.
Decimus' Morning and Evening Ragas Vol. 1 includes two side-long recordings, the one on Side A is a morning recording from 2016 and the other on Side B is an evening recording from 2019. Act fast, this is going to be sold-out very soon!

File under: Experimental
Cat. number: DAK004
Year: 2019

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