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Approdi 3, Avanguardie Musicali a Napoli - Volume III

Label: Konsequenz

Series: Neapolitan New Music

Format: CD

Genre: Compositional

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**300 copies** Konsequenz has released a new anthology that offers another incredible window into the Napoli’s remarkable experimental endeavours, another essential artifact for any fan of Italian border and avant-garde musics.

Avant-garde and experimental musics are intrinsically connected to community, collectivism, support, and collaboration. Audiences and artists, stretching to every corner of the globe, continuously rely on each other to push into ever more ambitious realms. This spirit of discourse has always been central to the multigenerational contexts of avant-garde and experimental music from Italy. For decades, neglected and over looked by their international peers, the country’s musicians and fans spoke heavily amongst themselves, creating an entirely singular territory of sound, almost entirely unheard by the outside world. Fortunately, over the last decade or so, a slow trickle of reissues have begun to change all that, bringing the emerging recordings and their creators wide acclaim, but there’s still a long way to go.

Much of the attention has drifted toward the output of artists and scenes from the north of the country, leaving a great deal of important work lingering in obscurity.


01. Christian Mastroianni (Chris Yan) Napoli 22 ottobre 2020  8’56”
Christian Mastroianni (strumenti ed elettronica) - Luca Buonaguidi (testo e voce)

02. Enzo Amato Mermaid 5’55”
Cristina Galietto (chitarra)

03. Max Fuschetto Painting my Room 3’49”
Max Fuschetto (strumenti ed elettronica)

04. Francesco De Simone Fl0w 3’06”
Francesco De Simone (strumenti ed elettronica)

05. Vincenzo Liguori Aquilando 3’48”
Vincenzo Liguori (chitarra)

06. Girolamo De Simone Ki 2’51”
Girolamo De Simone (strumenti)

07. Girolamo De Simone Harmonies 4’58”
Andrea Riccio (pianoforte)

08. Gabriele Montagano Orme 4’53”
Gabriele Montagano (strumenti ed elettronica)

09. Domenico Di Francia Tempo 2’05”
Domenico Di Francia (pianoforte)

10. Alessandro Silvestro Unsustainable loneliness 3’13” (Omaggio a Luciano Cilio)
Alessandro Silvestro (pianoforte)

11. Romina Daniele Vero (vers. 2005) 3’04”
Romina Daniele (voce)

12. Maurizio Chiantone Piccolo inventario degli insetti Geisha_xtra 6’57”
Maurizio Chiantone (strumenti ed elettronica)

13. Filippo D’Eliso Homo Sapiens Sapiens 5’15”
Filippo D’Eliso (elettronica)

14. Eugenio Fels Notturno (vers. 2002 - Documento live) 3’34”
Eugenio Fels (pianoforte)

15. Giuseppe Cassaro Videogame (Documento live) 2’43”
Giuseppe Cassaro (pianoforte)

16. Vincenzo Liguori Causerie 2’34” (Documento live) 0’51”
Angelo Greco (clarinetto)

17. Pasquale Mosca Come la luna (Documento live) 3’21”
Pasquale Mosca (pianoforte)
Where not expressly indicated Author and Interpreter coincide.

project by G. De Simone
photos by Fabio Donato

Cat. number: KNZ025
Year: 2020

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