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Arf Arf

Label: Tochnit Aleph

Format: DVD

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The Australian sound poetry / film-maker / artist group ARF ARF consists of Marisa Stirpe, Frank Lovece, Michael Buckley and Marcus Bergner. Between 1985 and 2000 they produced and mounted hundreds of live performances in Australia and Europe. Their film 'Thread of Voice' (featuring Bob Cobbing / Konkrete Canticle) has been shown widely including at The Serpentine Gallery (London), The Pompidou Centre (Paris), Arsenal Kino (Berlin), Millennium (New York) and at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and Sydney. "The artistic work of Arf Arf is vivid, kinetic, involving, very humorous, full of the rawness and randomness and mysteriousness of life. It is an extremely heterogeneous art, clashing different styles, timbres, textures. It is both sophisticated, deeply considered, and also spontaneous and immediate in its poetic and emotional effects. It's full of almost violent juxtapositions and gear shifts - as well as sudden, lyrical passages of calm, poetic grace. Australia has produced few bodies of artistic work this captivating or internationally significant."
Films included in this anthology: ARF ARF / 85 by Arf Arf (VHS, 12mins, black & white, sound, 1985), THREAD OF VOICE by Arf Arf (16mm, 19mins, black & white, sound, 1993 (featuring Bob Cobbing / The Konkrete Canticle)), THE BROKEN JUG by Frank Lovece and Marisa Stirpe (VHS, 4mins, colour, sound, 1983), DOPPELGANGER FILMS by Marcus Bergner (Super 8, 14mins, colour, sound, 1985), WORK by Michael Buckley (16mm, 12mins, colour, sound, 1986).

Cat. number: TA114