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Ataraxia - Excerpt 1
Ataraxia - Excerpt 2

David Toub


Label: Maria de Alvear World Edition

Format: CD

Genre: Compositional

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*2020 stock* Unlike my earlier freetonal and 12-tone works, my music since 1981 has been characterized by the use of repetition, and since 2004 by generally soft dynamics. While often termed "minimalist" or "postminimalist," I have come to prefer the term "focused music," as my works tend to concentrate on very specific, and often a limited number of, music elements.

Typically, there is but a single dynamic level specified, and sometimes not even that. I like to provide a good deal of freedom for the performers to interpret and put their own marks on the music.

Some works consist of a small number of tones, or else focus on a small set for an extended time horizon. - David Toub

Cat. number: WE0029
Year: 2016

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