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Sitting Between Chairs - Excerpt 1
Sitting Between Chairs - Excerpt 2

Jose Iges

Sitting Between Chairs

Label: Maria de Alvear World Edition

Format: CD

Genre: Compositional

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* 2021 Stock * Metamusic. A suitable term for all these works, if by this we understand that musical aspects are somehow transcended, transgressed.

Sitting between chairs. A transgression which leads, through interactions of materials and intentions, controlled use of randomness or indeterminacy, conceptual game of measurement or definition, to the contemplation of music itself as yet another fragment of the whole, because the sound objects may have a dramatic or musical nature.

How could this whole, the resultant be referred to? Perhaps through the evocation of "heterotropy", of those spaces of otherness, of deviation. Superimposing times and spaces, following sometimes the school of Radio Art. Once a theme is established some pieces unfold by means of confrontation of elements - dramatic, musical, gestural - and also of sound objects - musical, concrete, verbal sounds. Like in radio language.

They are worlds sitting between chairs. And the performer always is an accomplice.

Cat. number: we0010
Year: 2004

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