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The Lightest Words - Excerpt 1
The Lightest Words - Excerpt 2

Kirsten Reese

The Lightest Words

Label: Maria de Alvear World Edition

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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The  "The Lightest Words" by Kirsten Reese is now available at World Edition. Kirsten Reese studied flute, electronic music and composition and lives in Berlin, where she teaches electroacoustic composition at the University of the Arts. In her works Reese often focuses on performative and narrative aspects, as is the case in the three pieces on this CD.

The first track "the lightest words had the weight of oracles" features the historical and specific tone colour of the Fairlight CMI Synthesizer (played by Sebastian Berweck) and connects it with the sounds of an electric guitar (played by SethJosel). In contrast "KSH - Portrait des Pianisten als junger Mann" is a very personal sound portrait of a musician, for which Reese worked closely with the pianist KlausSteffes-Holländer.

The last track on "The Lightest Words" is "inyib", a blend of various acoustic and electronic sound layers which build an associative metaphor. It is performed by the ensemble "zeitkratzer". The booklet contains texts by Christian Grüny, Christa Brüstle, Bernd Künzig and Reinhold Friedl.

Cat. number: WE0035
Year: 2019

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