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Le Syndicat

Audiostatik Repress (Red LP)

Label: Rotorelief

Format: colored LP

Genre: Electronic

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Awsome! Le Syndicat with this reissue of Audiostatik Repress from 1983, certified to be a head-cleaner of brutalist / bruitist / rhythmicist / industrial noise... The rhythm and noise for Le Syndicat evolved through process mingling tape-loops, overblown drum machine programming, shortwave radio experiments, short-circuited consumer electronics, and eventually rudimentary sampler technolog. Audiostatik Repress is a visionnary project in 1983 of what's happened late in the 90's sounds.

Le Syndicat is a group of Noise music whose activities started in 1982 in Paris, with Ruelgo as the only permanent member. The first goal of the band was to make live noise performances. The tapes label Le Syndicat was created a year later. Their fascination for chaos, strength and violence wasn’t driven by provocation but by the sheer pleasure to manipulate noise sounds. It was the main difference between industrial music and empirical bruitism of Le Syndicat. After having released some intense noise albums in the mid 80s, Le Syndicat moved towards more musical styles, experimenting with loops, collages, heavy and surprising beats. Le Syndicat released about 18 albums on different labels all over the world since it was created, and is considered today as one of the French pioneers in experimental, bruitist and industrial music.

Cat. number: ROTOR0042 - Red
Year: 2015

Limted to 200 numbered copies on red vinyl

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