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Jim O Rourke - Out With The Old
Tony Conrad - Dagadag for La Monte


Avanto 2006


Format: CD

Genre: Sound Art

Out of stock

Three-way split release featuring an extended piece each by Tony Conrad, Ralf Wehowsky, and Jim O’Rourke. Tony’s piece works a lone processed violin to glorious effect; the solo variant of his “four violins.” Ralf’s is a musique concrète piece built out of assorted instrumentation and children’s vocals (coming across like a lost international harvester/älgarnas trädgard out-take in spots...) jim’s is an awesome side-length-plus rumination of drone-sound (harkening back to his “disengage” era) incorporating 20-odd years of material from his personal tape stash. as far as i can tell, all three pieces are exclusive to this disc, as they were commissioned expressly for the festival itself. highly recommended.

Cat. number: AAAAA 2006
Year: 2007
Tony Conrad   -       DAGADAG For La Monte          
Ralf Wehowsky  -      Würgengels Lachende Hand    
Jim O'Rourke  -      Out With The Old

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