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Banc d’Essai 2011-2019 (2CD)

Label: INA - GRM

Format: CDx2

Genre: Electronic

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INA grm is pleased to present its new record release, a two CD compilation of 18 electroacoustic works selected amongst the laureates of GRM Banc d’essai composition contest. The composers and their work are presented throughout a 24-page booklet.

* 2CD digipak compilation including a 24-page booklet in French and English * Between 2011 and 2019, INA Grm organised a yearly competition, called Banc d’essai. During this period, the jury listened to nearly a thousand works, with an ever-renewed curiosity for what seemed to be the voice of a new generation of creators. Every year, about ten pieces were selected to be performed on the Acousmonium, and it’s on those occasions that all these talents have revealed themselves to us with the most forcefullness. In 2020, as the competition renews itself, we wanted to close this chapter with a record release featuring eighteen works whose depth and sensitivity have particularly moved us, and which, through a remarkable spirit of research and invention, have, each in their own way, contributed to the gradual, stimulating and ongoing transformation of music at large.



  1. Benjamin Miller — Zond-9

  2. Hideki Umezawa — Inu le

  3. Lydia Debeer — Tremble Garden

  4. Gaëtan Parseihian — La forêt mécanique

  5. François Bu et — Le songe du retour

  6. Loïse Bulot — Daphnia

  7. :such: — Monte-Charge

  8. Thomas Hilbert — Fluage

  9. Christophe Ra er et Julia Hanadi Al abed

— Eubulie

01. Scarabj — Nos yeux
02. Raphaël Mouterde — Violens
03. Rocío Cano Valiño — Astérion
04. Renaud Bajeux — Leaving the Nest
05. Florent Colau — Jupiter
06. Sophie Delafontaine — Respire marche pars va-t-en
07. Thomas Manoury — Soundtrains
08. Kris an M. Roberts — Seashell Music 09. Tucuxi — Rayon vert

Cat. number: INA 2020
Year: 2021

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