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Ivan Vandor

Bersaglio Mobile

Label: Digitmovies

Format: CD

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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Digitmovies release on CD for the very first time in full edition, Ivan Vandor's spy movie Bersaglio Mobile (Death on the run) original soundtrack. Ivan Vandor (Pécs, 1932) has written many OSTs like I giorni contati (1962), Nudi per vivere (1964), Amori pericolosi (1964), Andremo in città (1966), Se sei vivo spara (1967). Death on the run commentary has all the classic features of Euro-spy genre: jazz, blues, Latin, Balcan music, a wild shake, love themes and orchestral passages full of tension and violence. A young Stelvio Cipriani vigorously conducts the orchestra. For this 57-minutes-long CD of Digitmovies used the recording session's mono masters.

Cat. number: DGST 050CD
Year: 2021

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