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SideA - excerpt
SideB - excerpt

Blod, Miljö

Blod & Miljö (7")

Label: I dischi del Barone

Format: 7"

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**200 copies** Inevitable collaboration from Arv & Miljö and Blod, two decent examples of the Gothenburgian bullheadedness that has occured around the FFFM/never gonna fit in circles in town. A weird 9-minute collage split up over two 45rpm sides, cuts from the past fades in and out with Svensk Sommar I Stilla Frid session leftovers straight from the floor tangled up with spicy snippets from limited to 14 cassettes, some 2018 live action and newly recorded nonsense. It's a poor man's mash up, an emotional coming of age / sucks-to-be-a-teenager / religious paranoia slowmo rollercoaster going backwards. Featuring Cobweb Iris, Hans Villius and Snapper samples for a good measure. Mastered by Viktor Ottosson and artwork by Charlott Malmenholt.
Cat. number: IDDB30
Year: 2019
Genre: Electronic
Black vinyl and stamped white labels with a postcard attached to the cover. Includes insert.