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    red light companion

    Label: SEGERHUVA

    Format: Vinyl LPx3 BOX

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    After lots of delays and mishaps, we are now happy to announce the release of this massive box set. Offered here is three full length vinyl LPs by the Swedish master of harsh noise minimalism and perversity -- BLOD.
    In the late 90's, Blod released two full length tapes that were only distributed in a mere handful of copies. Both these recordings are now presented in this box, on one LP each. The third LP contains the Blod tracks from his split CDR with Goat on the Japanese Xerxes label -- it was high time to have these tracks presented on vinyl. Also featured on this third LP in the box are a number of Blod tracks from various compilations.
    All in all, this box stands as a monument to the heavy noise genius of Jesper Forselius and his BLOD. Hailed by harsh noise fanatics over the world, Blod's music is a unique offering of perverse singlemindedness shaped into sick monolithic slabs of noise.
    Red Light Companion is a limited edition of 255 copies in full colour box that holds three vinyl LPs, liner notes, and an art photo by Jesper Forselius.
    Cat. number: seger 22
    Year: 2009
    Genre: Noise