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Cut A Crooked Track - Excerpt 1
Cut A Crooked Track - Excerpt 2
Cut A Crooked Track - Excerpt 3
Cut A Crooked Track - Excerpt 4


Cut A Crooked Track (7")

Label: I dischi del Barone

Format: 7"

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

* Edition of 200 copies. Stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover, insert * Six new tracks from Mark Anderson and Mark Sadgrove, New Zealanders now based in Japan. Obtuse duo skronk starting out on a fairly reasonable note with 'Scantling' but then slowly deconstructing the song format track by track. The Quemada description of their very underrated 2015 12" makes perfect sense on at least the A-side, "image a Back from the Grave band that was weened on Operation of Sonne and fronted by a teenage Robert Ashley", where the more mellow B-side enters a foggy and zonked out Izakaya after hours mode. EP length. Recorded at DOM Studio, Koenji. Mastered by Forbes Williams. - 

Cat. number: IDDB043
Year: 2020