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Cat Food
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King Crimson

Cat Food / Groon (10") - 50th Anniversary Edition

Label: Panegyric

Format: 10"

Genre: Psych

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Released on 10" vinyl in a picture sleeve replica of the original 7" art, 50 years on. Artwork derived from Peter Sinfield's original 7" sleeve art. Even by the frequently, if unintentionally, bizarre history of the UK's premier chart television show 'Top of the Pops' there are few less likely performances than that of a temporary line-up of King Crimson miming to the band's early 1970 single release 'Cat Food'. The band's first (& only) - isolated from album release - foray into the fickle world of the singles market did not, even with a TOTP appearance, produce a hit to dominate UK & worldwide charts but, along with it's non-album b side Groon, both tracks have achieved long term appeal with King Crimson fans & in KC set lists. A longer version of Cat Food would appear on the band's second studio album in May 1970, "In the Wake of Poeidon", a live version of Groon was a highlight of the Earthbound Live album while numerous studio takes were featured on both the 40th anniversary CD/DVD-A of "In the Wake of Poseidon" & the "Sailors' Tales" boxed set. Cat Food appeared in a powerful version on "The Great Deceiver" boxed set & made a lauded return to KC's repertoire in 2019's world tour. This 50th anniversary edition has been expanded to a four track release including the A & B sides of the original single, joined by a 2019 live recording, making it's first appearance on disc & a mix of the album version of Cat Food undertaken by David Singleton as part of the band's 50th anniversary digital release series - also making it's debut on disc.

Cat. number: KCEP 6080
Year: 2020

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