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The New Blockaders

Changez Les Blockeurs

Label: Vinyl-On-Demand


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Revolutionary nihilist manifesto from England. This 1982 reissue LP is an excursion into the world of anti-music and anti-composition. The packaging includes no credits, notes or titles. It does include a statement of the groups' nihilistic viewpoint. This anti-composition creates dense, mechanical atmospheres. One feels propelled into a dark and mysterious workshop where every small sound is heard and felt, but not seen. Instrumentation, if there is any in the traditional sense, is undefinable. The New Blockaders combine the use of non-musical instruments, art inspiration, and a critique of musicality that is designed to renew. They released their first album Changez Les Blockeurs in 1982. The 'instrumentation' is made up of objects and bits of rooms being scraped, dragged, thumped, scratched, etc. The soundworld that emerges is something that continues throughout their work, albeit sometimes featuring more processed elements, especially if in collaboration with others. What marks this first album out is its refusal to go beyond what is actually a very limited set of sound possibilities - whilst there is continual clatter, it does not aspire to variety. Unlike other of their releases, there is a dynamic, with changes in emphasis, mainly in the percussive elements. Exact replica by VOD
Cat. number: VOD 6
Year: 2004
Genre: Electronic
Re-press of TNB (Rupenus01) LP - UK 1982
limited edition to 500 copies