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Chaosphere - excerpt 1
Chaosphere - excerpt 2
Chaosphere - excerpt 3
Chaosphere - excerpt 4

T.A.C. (Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata)


Label: Old Europa Cafe

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

In stock


**2020 stock** "Finally available for the very first time, exactly 15 years after its completion, here it is T.A.C.'s lost album Chaosphere. Recorded between November 1997 and February 1998 in New York City, Chaosphere was planned to be the sequel of Apotropaismo (also out on OEC) disclosing, in typical T.A.C. style, the "other side" of that album: gone were the lush and variated instrument array leaving room to a grey and menacing cloud of analogue electronics and sparse ambient samples. For this realization T.A.C. consisted of band mastermind Simon Balestrazzi alone, working mostly on his freshly rescued VCS3 synthesizer and a few other devices and under the heavy influence of Andrej Tarkovskij's masterpieces Solaris and Stalker. Due to Balestrazzi sudden relocation back to Italy the master tapes lay in a box for several years and after that even some format issues prevented them to be retrieved. Till now. So finally here is Chaosphere and you can hear once again T.A.C. visionary and evocative signature sound again."

Cat. number: OECD 170
Year: 2013

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