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Cinque Studi sul Paesaggio - Excerpt 1
Cinque Studi sul Paesaggio - Excerpt 2
Cinque Studi sul Paesaggio - Excerpt 3
Cinque Studi sul Paesaggio - Excerpt 4

Alessandro Ragazzo

Cinque Studi sul Paesaggio

Label: Dissipatio

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Abu-l-Hasan al-Nuri primitive Sufi saint writes: "they possess nothing and are possessed by nothing" is the basis for five landscape studies, as an idea of ​​emptying the soundscape in its concept and also in its practice, a laboratory of environmental recordings and sampling.

This work is visited by readings ranging from Céline to Novalis passing through Georg Buchner in his "Lenz" arriving at Arthur Schopenhauer, offering insights above all in his writings on music and in the "world as will and representation" text of 1819, Alessandro Ragazzo works for the cancellation of the narrative sense, the deposition of the real and the logical; attempt of exclusion from the representation, stripping life and will through noise; five missing landscapes, as we are made up of what we lack, fragments of experiences that have already passed to be continually broken down and recomposed... Immediately deny the landscape its temporal and corporeal existence, also excluding ourselves from any form of liberation even from the same listening.

Cinque studi sul paesaggio are therefore a historicized exercise of the immediate; the "things" as in the soundscape or field recording are only our representations, their being means representability for the subject, that is for us; in ourselves the object is everything that is knowable: what in us is not knowable is the subject, precisely because it knows, because everything except him is his representation.

Cat. number: 001
Year: 2020