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Circular Arguments - excerpt 1
Circular Arguments - excerpt 2
Circular Arguments - excerpt 3

Adam Basanta

Circular Arguments

Label: 901 Editions

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Israeli-born, Montreal-based sound artist, performer and composer Adam Basanta returns to 901 Editions after his contribution to the Quark: How Does the Invisible Sound? project in 2016, with a delicate and sublime album summarising his feedback works between 2014–2016.

"The following are recordings of sound installations created solely using live feedback techniques, varying choreographies between microphones, speakers, kinetic system, physical spaces, and custom software. These works exist - take up space - in a room; they were not intended to be listened to as music. I am not sure if placing them in an album makes them “music” necessarily. But in the displacement between one medium to another, I listen to these works differently. They now exist in a nether-realm, where the glacial pace and seemingly self-contained, almost ecological sense of indifference to the presence of audience found in the installation space is infused with the dedicated, reverential listening practice of music. Even as the works stretch the durational boundaries of listening, there are at times vague suggestions of musical breath." — Adam Basanta
Cat. number: 9ED 008
Year: 2019

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